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Positional Trading

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Positional Trading


Nifty or Bank Nifty are the INDEX –which move each month in certain trends.The intraday traders and the positional traders are always getting stuck making losses, as they cannot judge where the nifty trend is going.

To presume a trend is the most dangerous thing as there is no certainty of entry and exit.

  • You would learn the secrets used by –The operators or the Financial Giants

  • This will ensure that you are in the same direction of the market movers.

  • You will be able to enter at the bottoms and tops of the markets

  • You will be mastering the  secret art of the market operators

  • The system is simple and effective to follow- not complex indicators and charts like the technical analysis

  • There are only 1-3 average trades per month and they can be easily taken even for part time professionals or working people.

  • The risk management is in place and it will not have negative loss impact in case of gap or gap down opening of markets.

  • This can be applied on individual stocks also – but it is advisable to use it on NIFTY and BANK NIFTY as they are they are not impacted by sectoral movements and the stock market operators and the financial institutions also play on these index due to maximum liquidity.

What you will get ?

The trader will get a complete online training (Via go to meeting / Skype)

  • The trader will get a software from which he will be able to take entries and exits

  • In case the trader needs a live ( real time )software it will be provided at additional cost

  • The real time software will help in intraday and positional trading.

Who can do the course and software?

  • Any trader who is full time or part time

  • Any individual who do not know much of stock markets and only have basic knowledge of it

  • Any broker / sub broker/ investor/ professional who want to earn from stock markets

  • Any person who likes to grow investments with less trades and high accuracy

  • Any person with minimum 1 lacs capital – can trade 1 lot nifty and 1 lot bank nifty

  • Any small trader ( small capital) – can trade in options ( calls and puts)

Highlights of the stock market operators system-
  • On average the gain on 1 lot nifty will be 150 to 300 points in one trade

  • On average the gain on 2 lots nifty will be 300 to 600 points as the lot 2  can be held for bigger gains

  • On Bank Nifty the gain on 1 lot will be 300-500 points in one trade

  • On Bank Nifty the gain will be 1000-2000 points on 2 lots as 1 Lot can be held for bigger profit booking

  • On Stocks – the positional trading can be done on Cash Equity, Fno or Call & Put options

  • The power of compounding sets in when you are in profits – so the number of lots can be gradually increased

  • This method can be applied to all stocks in futures or cash segments.

  • By applying on basket of stocks, the investor can have diverse portfolio.( advisable in cash equity/ call and put options)


  • Rs. 20,000/= (For 1 Method)- Average 2 trades per month(Mainly NIFTY & BANK NIFTY)

  • Rs. 30,000/= ( For 2 Method)- Average 5-6 trades per month ( Any stocks)

  • Rs. 40,000/= ( For 3 methods)- Average 5-6 trades per month ( Any stocks)

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