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mt4 signals

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mt4 signals

Meta trader 4 – Trading Signals For Forex/ Stocks/ Commodities

Metatrader offers developing and applying MT 4 SIGNALS, to the live charts. This is for generating mechanical buy sell signals .


Solve your Intraday trading problems:

  • The MT 4 SIGNALS would assist in taking entry and exits
  • There is a robust logic for all the signals
  • Inbuilt with all the important levels like targets/stop loss/ trail stops/reversal zones


Save Time and Energy:

  • The MT 4 SIGNALS will make life easy for the trader and allow him to make accurate decisions
  • Traders lose because of the lack of the tools and go for lengthy courses, which are waste of money and time.
  • No need to learn technical analysis as all the formulae are built into the strategy


Professional trading strategy:

  • Learn the secrets that are used by the professional winners
  • They use advanced tools and simple tools which are leading indicators and price study strategies and not lagging indicators
  • The test the logic and find some winning edge which will keep them in profits.


How MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Signals Work


  • The Signals can be used for manual trading or Auto trading
  • The signals can be adjusted from properties to suitable parameters
  • They can be run as robot using the expert advisors
  • The complete entry-exit-target booking -stop loss application are taken care automatically
  • There is complete display of all the important levels


Ultimate winning logic built into the MT 4 Signals


  • Un-compromised winning logic coded into the formulae
  • Leading indicators to get timely trades
  • Well back tested on back data
  • High probability accuaracy of successful TRADES
  • AUTO buy sell signals , for the non emotional trades.
  • Continuously improved upon from time to time.


MT4 Intraday Signals

MT 4 is the short name for the Meta trader platform.It is charting and trading platform

The main features of the MT4 trading platform are mentioned below:


  •   Online data direct from meta quotes server, so there is no dependence on the external data feeds. This ensures uniformity of data quality .
  •   Data feed is realtime with no delay, and low latency as the feed is from the fast servers.
  •   User friendly and simple to read and operate. The features are well explained on the web .(TUTORIALS)
  •   Most of the indicators and oscillators are inbuilt.
  •   Strategy tester to check your strategy. This assists in the back testing on real time simulation.
  •   Easy to add advance custom indicators. The custom strategies can be easily made for manual or auto trading.
  •   Largest range of indicators in codebase
  •   24*7 online support.

What are MT4 Intraday Signals?

The MT4 trading platform is based on live charting using several inbuilt and custom indicators.The intraday trader or any trader needs some logical entries and exits . These are the basis of deciplined trades. This can be achieved by the Buy sell signals also commonly know as MT4 Intraday Signals.They guide the trader to follow it mechanically for high probability winning trades.

Features of the MT4 intraday signals:

  • Works on all time frames
  • Works in all market conditions, thereby avoiding frequent entries in sideways markets
  • Easy to follow on mechanical basis
  • It has better risk to rewards ratio
  • It has risk management logic built into it like , logical stop loss, trailing stop loss, tight trail stops
  • It has indicative multiple targets, so the trader has partial profit booking feature.
  • The Mt4 intraday signals can be set on custom parameters for less frequent or scalp signals
  • The Signals can be used for Manual based trading or Robot trading or Auto trading
  • The signals can be adapted to stocks , commodities, Forex , Futures.
  • Based on the professional strategies which are based on price action
  • Not based on any lagging indicators.
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