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Metastock Indicators

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Metastock Indicators

MetaStock includes over 250 pre-defined indicators. In addition to the pre-defined indicators, users are able to create custom indicators using a spreadsheet-like formula language called the MetaStock Formula Language.

MetaStock includes the following pre-defined indicators:


Pre-defined Indicators in MetaStock


Accumulation Swing Index

Adaptive Aroon

Adaptive Average Directional Movement

Adaptive Average Directional Movement

Adaptive Average True Range

Adaptive CCI

Adaptive Chaikin Money Flow

Adaptive Chande Momentum Oscillator

Advance Decline Line

Adaptive Detrended Price Oscillator

Adaptive Directional Movement +/- DI

Adaptive Directional Movement Index

Adaptive Directional Movement Rating

Adaptive Ease of Movement

Adaptive Inertia

Adaptive Intraday Momentum Index

Adaptive Linear Regression Indicator

Adaptive Linear Regression Slope

Adaptive MACD

Adaptive Mass Index

Adaptive Mesa Sine Wave

Adaptive Money Flow Index

Adaptive Moving Average

Adaptive Moving Average Exponential

Adaptive Moving Average Simple

Adaptive Moving Average Weighted

Adaptive Polarized Fractal Effiency

Adaptive Price Oscillator

Adaptive Price Rate-of-Change

Adaptive Projection Bands

Adaptive Projection Oscillator

Adaptive QStick

Adaptive Range Indicator

Adaptive Relative Momentum Index

Adaptive Relative Strength Index

Adaptive Relative Volatility Index

Adaptive r-Squared

Adaptive Standard Deviation

Adaptive Standard Error

Adaptive TEMA

Adaptive Time Series Forecast

Adaptive TRIX

Adaptive Ultimate Oscillator

Adaptive Vertical Horizontal Filter

Adaptive Volatility, Chaikins

Adaptive Volume Oscillator

Adaptive Wilders Smoothing

Adaptive Williams %R


Andrews Pitchfork

Arms Index (TRIN)


Average True Range


Binary Wave (5)

Bollinger Bands

Bull Power Bear Power 1

Bull Power Bear Power 2

Bull Power Bear Power 3

CCI (Commodity Channel Index)

Chaikin A/D Oscillator

Chaikin Money Flow

Chaikin Volatility

Chande Forecast Oscillator

Chande Momentum Oscillator

Chandelier Stops

CMO Reversal

Commodity Channel Index (2)

Commodity Selection Index

Consolidation Breakout

Cooper 1234 Pattern

Coppock Curve

Correlation Analysis

Cycle Lines

Cycle Progression

Darvas Box


Demand Index


Detrended Price Oscillator

Directional Movement (5)

Donchian Channels

Dynamic Momentum Index

Dynamic Momentum Index 1

Ease of Movement

Elder Ray



Equidistant Channel Line

Exponential Moving Average

Fibonacci Arcs

Fibonacci Fans

Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci Time Zones

Fisher Transformation Indicator

Forecast Oscillator

Fourier Transform

Fractal Trading System 1

Fractal Trading System 2

Gann Angles

Gann Fans

Gann Grids

Gann Line

Gann Swing Bands

Herrick Payoff Index

Horizontal Line

Ichimoku Kinko


Intraday Momentum

Inverse Fisher Transform of RSI

Klinger Oscillator

Linear Regression

Linear Regression Lines

Linear Regression Slope

Long Sell Short Sale - 5 Day

MACD (2)

MACD Histogram 1

MACD Histogram 2

Market Facilitation Index

McClellan Oscillator

McClellan Summation Index

Meisels Overbought/Oversold

Median Price

MESA Sine Wave


Money Flow Index

Moving Average - Simple

Moving Average - Exponential

Moving Average - Weighted

Moving Average - Time Series

Moving Average - Triangular

Moving Average - Ribbon

Moving Average - Variable

Moving Average - Volume Adjusted

Natenbergs Volatility (Daily)

Negative Volume Index

Odds Probability Cones

On Balance Volume

Open Interest

Option Delta

Option Expiration

Option Gamma

Option Life

Option Price

Option Theta

Option Vega

Option Volatility

Parabolic SAR

Pattern Trading System 1

Percent Retracement

Percentage Crossover 3%


Polarized Fractal Efficiency

Positive Volume Index

Price Oscillator

Pring KST

Projection Price Bands Channel

Projection Oscillator

Projection Oscillator 1


Quadrant Lines


Raff Regression Channel

Rainbow Band Upper

Rainbow Band Lower

Rainbow Max

Rainbow Min

Rainbow Oscillator

Random Walk Index

Range Indicator


Relative Momentum Index

Relative Performance

Relative Strength Index

Relative Volatility Index

Semi-Log Trendline

Sine Wave 5-unit Standing

Speed Resistance Lines


Standard Deviation

Standard Error


Stochastic Momentum Index

Stochastic Oscillator

Stochastic RSI

Squat Bar

Swing Index


The Force Index

Time Series Forecast

Tirone Levels

Trade Volume Index


Trendline by Angle


Turtle Trader Bands

Typical Price

Ultimate Oscillator

Vertical Horizontal Filter

Vertical Line

Volatility Breakout (Chaikin)

Volatility Indicators (3)


Volume Oscillator

Volume Rate of Change

Weighted Close

Wilders Smoothing

Williams A/D, %R

Zig Zag

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